The most steering dilemma we face today is balancing our moral compass which has the taste of success in the modern world on one hand and the guilt of being away from our aging parents on the other. The dilemma is not just about work-life balance but also about our relationships with our parents. As our parents age, they need us more than ever, but we are often pulled in different directions by the demands of work and other commitments. This can be a difficult balance to strike, and we need to try and find ways to stay connected with them even as we pursue our own goals.
With our country’s growing aging population and a constant stream of technological advances, it is no surprise that companies are finding innovative ways to support older adults. Today’s IT and design innovations mean that many senior citizens can enjoy independent living while you can rest assured that they are in a safe environment — and always connected to those you love.
According to the current estimates, the population of India above 60 years, is around 10.1 percent of the total population. Approximately 17.1 percent of the total elderly population needs geriatric healthcare in India. As per the records, it is projected that by 2030, 13.2 percent of the total population would begin to ‘’grey’. Moreover, the age-dependency ratio may increase and has implications on the socioeconomic and health status of the elderly (India Ageing Report, UNFPA, 2017).
As people age, many elders may need to cope with some or other health conditions and would need protection against any untoward health situations. Today’s sandwich generation struggling to juggle work, their kids, and the well-being of their own parents certainly do not have it easy. With the quantum of people moving away from their homes for better opportunities increasing, today’s families tend to be across the globe and further apart than ever before. But when the parents living at a distance begin to indicate signs that they are no longer able to care for themselves or need support with handling the responsibilities of day-to-day living, ensuring their continued well-being can pose a significant challenge for their adult children.

If you have the same question as many living afar from their parents, which is “How can I help my aging parents from afar and stay connected?”

Technology is your saviour as it has become an essential and integral component in modern-day living and influences the way we all live and work. It is clear we are just at the beginning of the wave of smart technology aimed at parents. This technology can fill gaps in the market and play a critical role in the safety and security of people who are juggling taking the right care of their parents. Technology has pervaded every aspect of our lives. However, we cannot shy away from the fact that the elderly are as privy as the current generation. This and the increasing numbers of senior citizens point to the need of importance of innovations and new technology for enabling a connected ecosystem.

To overcome these challenges we face because of the long distance, the remote real-time monitoring of a person’s health can be used to identify relapses in the health conditions of our parents, therefore, enabling early intervention.

A Digital-First At-Home Health Device for our seniors


On the journey to find a digital, at-home health solution for parents, Dozee knew that with a dynamically changing environment, technology will bring greater breakthroughs across healthcare than ever. Dozee brings advanced algorithms to monitor and analyze cardiac, respiratory, and motion parameters and assist doctors in the early detection of possible patient deterioration. It also provides a Mobile app for family members and caretakers to get periodic updates on the health data of elders to ensure that family members are remotely connected to their loved ones.

The growing elderly population, accompanied by the increasing prevalence of chronic diseases associated with aging, will have profound implications for the healthcare system for decades to come. To conclude, quality healthcare would be a perfect gift for your parents that keeps you connected to them and their wellbeing. Let us make tomorrow better for those who created a future for us.