Dozee brings most efficient ballistocardiography to patient care

Science Behind Dozee

Contactless Proprietary Ballistocardiography
Ballistocardiography uses mechanical vibrations produced by micro and macro body movements to study cardiac functions, extended to pulmonary and other functions. Dozee sensors placed under the mattress capture micro-vibrations produced in every heart beat, respiration cycles, tremors, seizures, and posture change, without any contact.
Accurate Remote Vitals Monitoring
AI Based Early Warning System
Interoperable Systems with world class Security

Our Clinical Research

Unleashing Dozee's true potential through research
Unsupervised Identification of Cardiac Contraction through Ballistocardiography. Biomedical Engineering and Sciences (IECBES)
AUTHORS: Saran, V., Kumar, G., Dhawan, U., & Parchani, G. (2018)

Abstract: Previous attempts at computing heart rate (HR) using BCG have relied on HR averaged over 30s epochs. While average heart rate is an important paramete....

Contactless Vitals Monitoring

Unsupervised Extraction of Respiration Cycles Through Ballistocardiography. Communications in Computer and Information Science
AUTHORS: Saran, V., Kumar, G., Dhawan, U., & Parchani, G. (2019)

Abstract: Long-term acquisition of respiratory signals finds relevance in various applications such as sleep analysis as well as monitoring of respiratory diso....


A Novel Method for Measuring Myocardial Performance Index using Non-contact Ballistocardiogram System. Cardiology and Angiology: An International Journal
AUTHORS: Nishanth, K., Singh, A., Parchani, G., Kumar, G., Saran, V., Manjunath, C.N., & Padmanabhan, D. (2021)

Abstract: Heart failure is a major cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide and patients with heart failure may have gone through a phase of asymptomatic lef....

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